Top 5 Investment Ideas for 2018

Top 5 Investment Ideas for 2018

‘To learn Swimming, One Must Get into The Waters First’. Similarly, the art of great investment requires that one starts investing first. Paralysis by Analysis remains a major factor why most people are unable to put their investment decisions to practice. Sometimes a large number of investment options at our disposal can be a major confusing factor. However, as they say, ”Taking a path is more important than standing rigidly like a rock with the fear getting lost in the woods ”.

However, a reference point always gives the cushion of safety when making an investment. Here’s A list of Top 5 Investment Ideas for 2018 that you can choose from to take your long-awaited first investment step.

BlockChain Startups

Investment in emerging technology has two advantages:

  • The size of the investment needs not be big.
  • Returns are exponential even on small investments if you get lucky.

In the last year or so, the buzz around cryptocurrencies has increased manifold. Bitcoin and other alternative currencies have made some billionaires within a period of a few months. Notwithstanding the critics, it is now an accepted fact that cryptocurrencies and even more importantly Blockchain are here to stay.

The Blockchain Startup ecosystem is still in its infancy and supporters of the technology suggest that the Googles and the Apples of the Blockchain Ecosystem are yet to unveil themselves. These are good signs and also an indicator of the paradigm shift that’s happening behind closed doors. Participating in this could change your fortunes in no time.

GIP Token is one such blockchain startup that promises to change the way digital payments have been carried out until now. GIP Token is based on the Ethereum Smart Contract framework and offers transparent and decentralized payment solutions free of any middleman or third party. Merchants and traders stand to benefit a lot from the platform. The transaction speed is great and there is no cap or limit on the transactions.

However, one must also be vigilant and careful before taking the plunge into the crypto world. There have been reports of fishy scams as the industry is still unregulated. An important filter for bad apples of the Blockchain Ecosystem is the Whitepaper and the Roadmap. Go through it carefully before making an ICO investment.

The Stock Market

Stock Market remains the go-to option for most early investors. There is a large number of consulting firms and services that one can approach in this regard. These consultants not only help in choosing the right stocks but also provide a long-term goal for building the right portfolio. The returns at the beginning are minimal but on the hindsight, you get to learn the trade rules from an expert.

While naysayers would complain about the right trading period and a host of other issues but one can always keep a cap on the investments. Start with small investments and see how it pans out in future. Be assured that the outcome will be a great exposure to an unknown yet promising world. And who knows if there was a ‘Buffet’ part to you hidden all these years.

  • Invest When the Market is low, Sell when it is High
  • Select the Dollar Cost Averaging investment cycle that suits you the best
  • Get Services of a Financial Advisor or use online brokerage services

Be A Bank

Of Late Peer to Peer Lending has gained pace. In case you have excess cash stacked up, you can use it as a secondary income generator. The interest rates are good (up to 6%). Most importantly you invest in ideas and goals. The process is incremental by nature.

This means that you don’t need to loan out all at once. In fact, money can be lent in small incremental packages summing up to thousand of such loan units. A few good reasons to opt for Peer to Peer Lending include:

  • Easy Sign Up Procedures
  • Moderate rate of interest for safer loans and higher rates for the riskier ones
  • Investment in ideas and people
  • Minimum Upfront Deposits

Real Estate

This remains the evergreen investment option. But investment in real estate comes with a whole set of perks and pitfalls. The first thing that comes to our minds when we say real estate is huge money to buy the property. While this is true but the sector has evolved tremendously over the last decade.

Renting startups like Airbnb can be a source of great passive income if you have the extra space to offer to travel visitors. Redberry is another online platform for long-term renting. It takes away the day to day issues like deposits, timely payments etc.

Invest In Yourself

Last but not the least, investing in yourself comes with no risk attached to it. Your time remains the most valuable thing you have. Hence putting time and effort in improving skills that you long desired you had comes with a promise of sure good returns.

Read books that interest you ranging from personality development to finance. Remember the old saying, “A Book is A person’s Best Friend”. It stands true even today. So pour the extra time you have at your disposal in self-improvement and shine like a diamond.

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