Top Five Key Points to Invest in GlobaliPay

Top Five Key Points to Invest in GlobaliPay

ICOs are different both in structure and function than traditional IPOs. While most IPOs have a proof of concept or an operational business structure to back them, this cannot be the case for ICOs. There are two reasons for this. The first is that Blockchain is a developing technology and the intellectual resources are costly. Secondly, the very nature of alternate cryptocurrencies or subsidiaries of other popular currencies (Ethereum in case of ETH) requires a certain fee against a transaction.


In Ethereum’s case, it is called as ether. All transactions have to be paid in the ether. This makes for a very dicey situation for blockchain startups to bear the significant upfront costs of project development. Following the traditional route of investment would again lead to concentration of decision making power in the hands of a few.

Hence ICOs are an alternative to breakaway from the age-old system and generate investment by sharing the vision with the public. In this blog, we discuss the Top Five Key Points to Invest in GlobaliPay, which is a blockchain-powered global digital payment gateway.

1. The Idea:

The traditional transaction has two main issue i.e Transparency and Anonymity.

  • By transparency, we mean that the transactions on the GlobaliPay Ecosystem are part of the decentralized public ledger. A copy of this public ledger is part of each participating node of the GIP Network. Any changes/transactions/update at one participating is instantly broadcast across all participating node. A practical use of this is that most frauds that currently plague modern banking system, cannot even surface in such a system. Any red flag behavior is immediately reported and shared with one and all.
  • By Anonymity we mean Sender-Receiver Privacy. Decentralised networks provide anonymity to its participants. Users of GIP tokens have a unique private key for verifying and authenticating transactions while there is a public key that stores the user’s address. Both keys are encrypted and almost impossible to decrypt. This ensures complete sender-receiver anonymity in transactions.

2. The Future:

Despite skeptics and naysayers, it is crystal clear that BlockChain and Cryptocurrencies are the future of banking and finance. The old world order stressed regulations and promoted the concentration of power in the hands of few. The GIP platform will be a platform for the user, by the user and of the user. In the last few months, the Ethereum value has stabilized after a steep upward trend. But the rise in the value of Ethereum and Bitcoin against traditional currencies has been disruptive. Ethereum will the flag bearer for decentralized apps in the future and GIP token hopes to be the go-to transactional solution provider in Ethereum Environment.

3. One Wallet For All

Unlike traditional systems where you need to pay middlemen for exchanging one Fiat Currency with another, the GIP Wallet is a one-stop gateway to all popular cryptocurrencies. You can trade GIP Token in your GIP Wallet across all popular Crypto Exchanges and with all popular cryptocurrencies. Additionally one would be able to perform all transactional services like bill payments, shopping, transportation etc on various upcoming Ethereum DApps.

4. Be the Merchant Of Tokens

While the GIP Platform enables hassle-free decentralized business transactions and is ideal for traders and merchants, one can also use it to participate in crypto trading/investments.

5. Cannot Be Rigged

The Decentralised ledgers are immutable by nature but most importantly the Proof of Stake verification process means that manipulation to GIP token value is not possible from the GIP team. GIP will own only 10% of the total GIP tokens.

This makes it the smallest shareholder. 85 % of the coins are at the disposal of the public and market. This further justifies our sole objective of creating a decentralized payment solution for one and all.

GIP payment solution will set new benchmarks in security, usability, and compatibility of cryptocurrencies. The ICO sales are live now. 10% discount is on offer for early buyers. One GIP Token is valued against $ 0.0500. For more on GIP Token, please visit

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