Global Payment Solution That Works Everywhere

Global Payment Solution That Works Everywhere

Aren’t you already exhausted of the poor quality service provided by existing payment platforms? Many of the payment gateways that we use today are overpriced and not at all reliable. If you have been looking for a trustworthy platform to send money and perform digital asset transactions globally, you should try GlobaliPay.

What is GlobaliPay?

GlobaliPay is a global digital payment solution that exists everywhere and provides services without any boundaries. It is a blockchain-based decentralized system that can be accessed by anyone and anywhere around the world.

As a complete digital platform for payments, GlobaliPay can be used for the transactions involving fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and/or any other digital assets. The platform features include transparency, reliability, security and low cost of transactions. Let’s dive into the world of secure global digital payments.

Global I’Net Payment Solutions is a digital platform that is powered by the ERC20 standard of blockchain which ensures the security of transactions that process through the platform. Each of the transaction on GlobaliPay is verified by every node on the blockchain and then stored in an encrypted block which can only be accessed by the recipient with the right private/public key. The transactions are public but encrypted.

Another major benefit of GlobaliPay is that payments and money transfers are very fast and accurate as the process is completed by automated nodes with no probability of any human error. Also, both the sender and the receiver get confirmation of a successful payment or in case if a transaction is failed, which is very rare on this platform.

The reliability of payments on the GlobaliPay platform is maintained by the underlying blockchain technology which ensures that all the transactions are successfully and accurately processed through the network. The project is backed by a renowned company supported by a team of industry experts and investors who further add to the reliability factor.

Other Benefits of GlobaliPay

In addition to providing users with a decentralized and peer-to-peer platform for sending money and performing other monetary transactions, GlobaliPay also offers a host of benefits to the investors and buyers of the GIP tokens, which is the primary cryptocurrency of the platform.

The GIP token is a utility token that can be used for buying and selling other cryptocurrencies and trading for fiat currencies on a supported exchange platform. The tokens can be purchased during the GlobaliPay ICO, which is ongoing. The tokens once purchased can be transferred to other users or can be used for making payments for services and purchases at specific merchants in the online and offline space.

GIP tokens can be managed by the GIP wallet account, which will be assigned to each of the token holders. It is a secure decentralized wallet that is protected by encryption technology and can only be accessed by the holder of the right private/public keys. This improves the security of the platform and that of the transactions on it.

Interested yet? The GIP token sale is ongoing. Grab the opportunity to invest in one of the most profitable ICOs of the year and enjoy attractive bonus and discount offers.

How To Make Money From Your ICO Investments?

make money from ICO

There are numerous ways to make money from ICO. Among all of these methods, we are going to discuss some important methods, which will help you to earn more money.

ICO refers to the process of fundraising for a crypto-token project. Cryptocurrency is an unregulated currency and therefore, it is difficult to determine its value against physical currencies.

If you are planning to invest in crypto-tokens, you must be wondering things like, how to make money from ICO or can ico really make you rich or how to profit from ico. If yes, this article is for you. Crypto-tokens have their own exchange markets and cannot be traded at traditional money exchanges. However, there are some theoretical ways to know the value of an ICO and of your investments in it. Let’s find out more.

In this article, we will talk about some methods, tools, and tips that professional investors are using to make money with ICO.

5 Tips To Make More Money From ICO:

Here are tips by following which you can make money by ICO investment.

1. Get Bonus Tokens

Bonus tokens is way for new crypto startups to attract more investors quickly. This is, however, not a bad thing. In fact, you can make a really good return on these bonus tokens. This is like a added profit on your investment portfolio.

For instance, GlobaliPay has been offering a bonus of up to 10% to the early investors of the token. That means for every dollar you spend in the purchase of GIP tokens, you will 10% extra tokens in reward.

The more you invest, the more free bonus tokens you can avail. And remember to join the ICO at the early (pre-ICO) stage to get the benefit.

2. Hold before you sell again

Most of the investors, especially casual investors, will sell all of their new tokens at once as soon as the token hits the exchange market. This is not at all a good money-making idea.

If you are serious about getting rich from your ICO investments, you should hold at least 50% of your tokens for a few months before you sell them again. The market, in between, may go down or rise up but you should keep the tokens with you and sell them only at the right time.

The best thing you can do in order to avoid investing in a scam ICO plan is – be careful and do your research before your invest. It is very important to consider all the factors that might affect the price of the token in which you are planning to invest.

3. Check the credibility

It is usually quite difficult to accurately determine the value of a new coin until it is launched/listed on an exchange. Once the coin is listed on exchanges, its price, market cap, circulation and other details are known to the public.

These details can then be used to find out the credibility of a coin, just like you determine the value of a particular stock at the stock exchange.

4. Research the ICO

Conduct your own market research to know the project value. Check out the ICO marketing data, such as press releases, videos, etc to determine their credibility. It should be high in demand yet low in supply.

Compare the ICO with its competitors. Look at the total circulation or supply of the coin. A good token will have a limited supply.

5. Read the Whitepaper

The white paper is a very important document of an ICO project. It tells a lot about a project, even the things that the company probably won’t tell you directly.

For instance, the presence of team details in the white paper shows that the project is actually backed by some real people who may have experience and knowledge of the industry.

Other things to look for in an ICO white paper are: the problem and how the project proposes to solve it, about the product, Company and team information, the concept/idea of the project, commercialization and applications of the token, market analysis, token release and distribution process, token value and difference, buy terms, distribution of funds, legal aspects, project roadmap, and competitor analysis. Make your decision on these factors.

So, the answer to your question is: yes, ICO can actually make you rich, depending on which ICO you are investing in.

The pre-ICO sale of GlobaliPay is ongoing now. Invest in a futuristic virtual currency in order to become a part of the digital payment revolution.