Top 5 Investment Ideas for 2018

Top 5 Investment Ideas for 2018

‘To learn Swimming, One Must Get into The Waters First’. Similarly, the art of great investment requires that one starts investing first. Paralysis by Analysis remains a major factor why most people are unable to put their investment decisions to practice. Sometimes a large number of investment options at our disposal can be a major confusing factor. However, as they say, ”Taking a path is more important than standing rigidly like a rock with the fear getting lost in the woods ”.

However, a reference point always gives the cushion of safety when making an investment. Here’s A list of Top 5 Investment Ideas for 2018 that you can choose from to take your long-awaited first investment step.

BlockChain Startups

Investment in emerging technology has two advantages:

  • The size of the investment needs not be big.
  • Returns are exponential even on small investments if you get lucky.

In the last year or so, the buzz around cryptocurrencies has increased manifold. Bitcoin and other alternative currencies have made some billionaires within a period of a few months. Notwithstanding the critics, it is now an accepted fact that cryptocurrencies and even more importantly Blockchain are here to stay.

The Blockchain Startup ecosystem is still in its infancy and supporters of the technology suggest that the Googles and the Apples of the Blockchain Ecosystem are yet to unveil themselves. These are good signs and also an indicator of the paradigm shift that’s happening behind closed doors. Participating in this could change your fortunes in no time.

GIP Token is one such blockchain startup that promises to change the way digital payments have been carried out until now. GIP Token is based on the Ethereum Smart Contract framework and offers transparent and decentralized payment solutions free of any middleman or third party. Merchants and traders stand to benefit a lot from the platform. The transaction speed is great and there is no cap or limit on the transactions.

However, one must also be vigilant and careful before taking the plunge into the crypto world. There have been reports of fishy scams as the industry is still unregulated. An important filter for bad apples of the Blockchain Ecosystem is the Whitepaper and the Roadmap. Go through it carefully before making an ICO investment.

The Stock Market

Stock Market remains the go-to option for most early investors. There is a large number of consulting firms and services that one can approach in this regard. These consultants not only help in choosing the right stocks but also provide a long-term goal for building the right portfolio. The returns at the beginning are minimal but on the hindsight, you get to learn the trade rules from an expert.

While naysayers would complain about the right trading period and a host of other issues but one can always keep a cap on the investments. Start with small investments and see how it pans out in future. Be assured that the outcome will be a great exposure to an unknown yet promising world. And who knows if there was a ‘Buffet’ part to you hidden all these years.

  • Invest When the Market is low, Sell when it is High
  • Select the Dollar Cost Averaging investment cycle that suits you the best
  • Get Services of a Financial Advisor or use online brokerage services

Be A Bank

Of Late Peer to Peer Lending has gained pace. In case you have excess cash stacked up, you can use it as a secondary income generator. The interest rates are good (up to 6%). Most importantly you invest in ideas and goals. The process is incremental by nature.

This means that you don’t need to loan out all at once. In fact, money can be lent in small incremental packages summing up to thousand of such loan units. A few good reasons to opt for Peer to Peer Lending include:

  • Easy Sign Up Procedures
  • Moderate rate of interest for safer loans and higher rates for the riskier ones
  • Investment in ideas and people
  • Minimum Upfront Deposits

Real Estate

This remains the evergreen investment option. But investment in real estate comes with a whole set of perks and pitfalls. The first thing that comes to our minds when we say real estate is huge money to buy the property. While this is true but the sector has evolved tremendously over the last decade.

Renting startups like Airbnb can be a source of great passive income if you have the extra space to offer to travel visitors. Redberry is another online platform for long-term renting. It takes away the day to day issues like deposits, timely payments etc.

Invest In Yourself

Last but not the least, investing in yourself comes with no risk attached to it. Your time remains the most valuable thing you have. Hence putting time and effort in improving skills that you long desired you had comes with a promise of sure good returns.

Read books that interest you ranging from personality development to finance. Remember the old saying, “A Book is A person’s Best Friend”. It stands true even today. So pour the extra time you have at your disposal in self-improvement and shine like a diamond.

Top Five Key Points to Invest in GlobaliPay

Top Five Key Points to Invest in GlobaliPay

ICOs are different both in structure and function than traditional IPOs. While most IPOs have a proof of concept or an operational business structure to back them, this cannot be the case for ICOs. There are two reasons for this. The first is that Blockchain is a developing technology and the intellectual resources are costly. Secondly, the very nature of alternate cryptocurrencies or subsidiaries of other popular currencies (Ethereum in case of ETH) requires a certain fee against a transaction.


In Ethereum’s case, it is called as ether. All transactions have to be paid in the ether. This makes for a very dicey situation for blockchain startups to bear the significant upfront costs of project development. Following the traditional route of investment would again lead to concentration of decision making power in the hands of a few.

Hence ICOs are an alternative to breakaway from the age-old system and generate investment by sharing the vision with the public. In this blog, we discuss the Top Five Key Points to Invest in GlobaliPay, which is a blockchain-powered global digital payment gateway.

1. The Idea:

The traditional transaction has two main issue i.e Transparency and Anonymity.

  • By transparency, we mean that the transactions on the GlobaliPay Ecosystem are part of the decentralized public ledger. A copy of this public ledger is part of each participating node of the GIP Network. Any changes/transactions/update at one participating is instantly broadcast across all participating node. A practical use of this is that most frauds that currently plague modern banking system, cannot even surface in such a system. Any red flag behavior is immediately reported and shared with one and all.
  • By Anonymity we mean Sender-Receiver Privacy. Decentralised networks provide anonymity to its participants. Users of GIP tokens have a unique private key for verifying and authenticating transactions while there is a public key that stores the user’s address. Both keys are encrypted and almost impossible to decrypt. This ensures complete sender-receiver anonymity in transactions.

2. The Future:

Despite skeptics and naysayers, it is crystal clear that BlockChain and Cryptocurrencies are the future of banking and finance. The old world order stressed regulations and promoted the concentration of power in the hands of few. The GIP platform will be a platform for the user, by the user and of the user. In the last few months, the Ethereum value has stabilized after a steep upward trend. But the rise in the value of Ethereum and Bitcoin against traditional currencies has been disruptive. Ethereum will the flag bearer for decentralized apps in the future and GIP token hopes to be the go-to transactional solution provider in Ethereum Environment.

3. One Wallet For All

Unlike traditional systems where you need to pay middlemen for exchanging one Fiat Currency with another, the GIP Wallet is a one-stop gateway to all popular cryptocurrencies. You can trade GIP Token in your GIP Wallet across all popular Crypto Exchanges and with all popular cryptocurrencies. Additionally one would be able to perform all transactional services like bill payments, shopping, transportation etc on various upcoming Ethereum DApps.

4. Be the Merchant Of Tokens

While the GIP Platform enables hassle-free decentralized business transactions and is ideal for traders and merchants, one can also use it to participate in crypto trading/investments.

5. Cannot Be Rigged

The Decentralised ledgers are immutable by nature but most importantly the Proof of Stake verification process means that manipulation to GIP token value is not possible from the GIP team. GIP will own only 10% of the total GIP tokens.

This makes it the smallest shareholder. 85 % of the coins are at the disposal of the public and market. This further justifies our sole objective of creating a decentralized payment solution for one and all.

GIP payment solution will set new benchmarks in security, usability, and compatibility of cryptocurrencies. The ICO sales are live now. 10% discount is on offer for early buyers. One GIP Token is valued against $ 0.0500. For more on GIP Token, please visit



In the past year, ICO or Initial Coin Offerings have attracted media and public eyes alike. While ICO’s are still gaining footholds in mainstream finance, they do come with a certain amount of risk attached to them. This may repel skeptics or naysayers but the tremendous buzz and huge investment that ICO’s have generated off late has answered all critics that doubted their survival in the first place. One such ongoing ICO is that of the GIP token. This blog highlights some of the key reasons Why one should invest in GIP ICO?

The Future Solution for Online Payments

Digital payment solutions are dominated by centralized framework or architecture. And in future, most of these centralized digital payment platforms will take the form of Banks. Some digital payment solution providers have already made the transitions and in the process will enjoy control over factors like transaction costs, interest rates, fluidity etc. Such vested interests will broaden the already widening gap between service providers and service users.

GIP Payment Solutions will offer hassle-free and robust transaction solutions in a decentralized manner. Powered by Blockchain they enjoy important advantages over traditional and modern day digital payment solutions. These include:

  • Sender-Receiver Anonymity: Unlike traditional systems, GIP transactions are crypto-secured. This means that each user owns a pair of the private-public key. These key are the used to stamp and send transaction blocks. While the private key is unique to each user, it must not be shared. The public key in layman terms is the address of the receiver. All block of transactions part of the decentralized GIP network is stamped/ verified using the private key.
  • No Limit: This is an advantage for traders and merchants. Unlike traditional platforms, GIP Exchange Platform will support an unlimited number of transactions at minimum cost.
  • The GIP Wallet which is the gateway to the GIP Blockchain Network can be used to purchase or exchange other tokens. Any sale/purchase made is immediately broadcasted in the decentralized ledgers.


The ERC20 standard contracts of the GIP Token ensure user anonymity at all cost. Incentivized nature of the contracts means that they can be auto-triggered to auto-alert on the expiration date, stock price hit etc.


GIP Token enjoys compatibility with numerous wallets and is tradable across major crypto exchanges across the globe. The transactions are powered by the IFTTT logic which further supports a massive number of integrations with transactional services.


The GIP ICO is trusted and promoted by a wide pool of dedicated coin websites which include the likes of ICO bazaar, ICO Alert etc. The team behind GIP ICO ensures security against failed transactions, system failure and any other issue that may arise. The White Paper further details all intrinsic parameters in a clear and precise manner.

GIP payment solution will set new benchmarks in security, usability, and compatibility of cryptocurrencies. The ICO sales are live now with 10% discount on purchase for early buyers. One GIP Token is valued against $ 0.0500. For more on GIP Token, please read the GIP WhitePaper.

GlobaliPay: Blockchain based smart digital payment system


ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is it?

An ICO is a sale of tokens by a cryptocurrency startup with the purpose to raise funds to develop the project and the platform. An ICO usually has a pre-fixed number of tokens that will be sold during the sale.

Why invest?

Investment in GlobaliPay ICO is profitable for many reasons. The demand for GIP token will surge its price in the market causing a huge return for investors. Also, the token can be used for a number of applications in a range of industries.

When to Invest?

The ideal time to invest in the GlobaliPay ICO is during the pre-sale which is held in May-June 2018. You can also invest in the public ICO to get special exclusive token price along with added bonus advantage.

Value of the Coin

The initial value of the GIP coin is set by the company. However, the coin will increase in value as soon as it is launched on the exchange. Then, it will have a lot more market value than the initial investment.

Use of GIP Coins

GIP token will have a range of applications. The token can be used on the GlobaliPay platform for sharing, payments and other transactions. It can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies or sold in exchange for fiat currency on the global exchange.

GlobaliPay ICO

The pre-ICO and ICO of GlobaliPay are scheduled from May to August 2018, in two phases. The sales will be held on the official website The token price and bonus information are given below:

Key ICO Information

  • Pre ICO: May-June 2018
  • Public ICO: June 30 to August 31, 2018
  • Accepted Tokens: BTC, ETH
  • ICO Token Supply: 378 million
  • Price (ICO): 1 GIP Token = $0.0500
  • Bonus: 10%


The existing digital payment methods are too costly and time-consuming. GlobaliPay intends to develop a digital payment system that is globally accessible and can perform quick and low-cost transactions securely.


GlobaliPay is a blockchain-powered global payment platform that allows secure, contractual transactions of currencies and digital assets to anyone and anywhere in the world.

Initial Coin Offering

A Step-By-Step ICO Investing Guide For Beginners

ICO Investing Guide

ICO is the most trending and hot topic from last few years. Every day it’s going to high level and attracting the investors to invest in the market. Many ICOs are launched in the market almost every day and offering the best investment programs. If you are planning to invest in ICO but don’t know which one is best, then, this unique ICO investing guide will help you to make the decision.

The advent of Bitcoin in January 2009 was a flagship event that bore the potential to change the way the world works forever. It promised disruption of long-standing finance models following the infamous Housing Bubble of 2008.

bitcoin market

But nine years down the line it would be too far-fetched to say that the traditional finance model has transitioned or in the process of transition.

However, more than Bitcoin it is the underlying technology on which bitcoin was based that has proved to be the philosopher’s stone. In fact, it would not be too far-fetched if we say that the Blockchain is the true philosophers stone of the 21st century.

Initial Coin Offerings(ICO) have attracted a lot of public attention in recent times. Mainly because in the last year or so ICO’s have raised a staggering amount of USD$1,252,676,352. There is more than 1000 crypto coins/tokens in the market right now and they together constitute a market capitalization of over USD$100 billion.


However, ICO’s come with a good amount of risk factor attached to them. This has prompted some traditionalists to question their lack of transparency as well as deregulatory nature.

But on the hindsight, it is decentralization and the crypto nature that makes ICO an exciting prospect for one and all. And in case you are looking to make a quick buck and buy that sea facing apartment, ICO’s could well help you in getting their much earlier than your retirement days.

But not all ICO’s are worth your hard earned investment. How can you determine that the ICO is profitable or not? Let’s find out via this comprehensive ICO investing guide.


An Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is a crypto startups way to generate crowdfunding for its proposed project. Tokens/Coins are distributed among investors against their investors.

A common practice among token creators is to use ERC-20 tokens standard of the Ethereum blockchain. This saves important development time and upfront cost as ERC-20 tokens enjoy interoperability with the Ethereum Blockchain.

ICO’s of late have taken the Invest Early and Win Big route of investment. Their complete independence from traditional regulators is a major factor driving exponential growth. Unlike the traditional investments, ICO’s save time and promise great returns.

But most ICO’s remain and will remain high-risk investment. Unlike traditional IPO’s, ICO’s do not offer ownership. Profits are recorded post the token gains in value. Add to it the fact that most ICO’s are concepts.

They are visualized on paper. This further can be in stark contrast to the ground realities. Hence an eagle eye is the primary requisites for a great ROI on ICO investments. Here are few points that must be followed before taking the leap of faith.

Online Resources

A calculative approach always pays more than an intuitive one. Have a keen eye and look for upcoming ICO’s across web forums and ICO outlets. Some ICO’s will require pre-registration for participation. These are termed as Whitelist ICO’s.

They offer a limited number of coins and have a certain degree of credibility to them. In addition to this, you can also join social forums to Bitcoin Talk, Slack.

The following list of websites can be an ideal go-to option for you in this regard:

  • Top ICO List (Highly recommended!)
  • ICO Watchlist (Highly recommended!)
  • ICO Alert
  • ICO Tracker
  • Coin Schedule
  • ICO Rating
  • Smith & Crowns
  • ICO Bench
  • ICO List
  • Crypto Smile

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Self Research

One of the golden rules of investment says “Invest in the Idea, not the Promise”. All ICO’s promise great returns. But as an investor, you must peel off the cosmetic layers.

A good way to do this is by reading and analyzing credible ICO reviews. A right step ahead would be to bookmark websites like and in this regard.

The Participation Process

Participation in any ICO has two key stages which include:

 1.  An ICO Exchange Account
 2.  The Wallet

FIAT Currency into Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH)

  • An exchange account is mandatory to convert your FIAT Currency into Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH).
  • To purchase you need to have a crypto-wallet. Crypto Wallets are unique in nature. They have their own private keys. These private keys are necessary to initiate the token purchase process against BTC or ETH in your exchange account.
  • Do not transfer BTC or ETH directly from your exchange account. All such transactions will fail. Make sure to Use a wallet for investing in ICO’s.
  • Also exchanging ETH against your FIAT earnings is ideal as most ICO coins are based on the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • You can also subscribe to newsletters of the upcoming ICO’s you see as potential investments. This will keep you updated with the latest happenings.

The Crypto-Exchange Market

Once your invested coin is listed on one of the Crypto-Exchange Market, you can either sell or wait so that the price of the coin in the exchange market grows appreciably high. Else if you do not intend to play the waiting game, you can sell it immediately.

Another important feature of an exchange is that you can even buy coins on the exchange itself. But this can be done post creating an exchange account and linking it to the wallet.

Furthermore, you can also buy other coins from the profits made and earn good returns. However, it is always easier said than done. Some exchanges that list ICO Coins include:

  • Ether Delta: Any newly released token is first listed on this exchange.
  • Bittrex: Only trades in BTC or Ether. Does not accept FIAT Currencies. It can be termed similar to the Champions League of the Football Clubs where only the best teams can participate. It also records highest trading volumes.
  • This also an ideal exchange in case you are looking for some quick investment. More than 200 coins are listed on this exchange and they are all in their teething stages now.

We hope that this blog will equip you with the resource needed to select the best ICO for your investment. Keep your eyes open and invest safely!!

GlobaliPay is a blockchain-based online global payment platform. The ICO sale of GlobaliPay is ongoing. Do invest now!

Informative ICO Guide – Process, Investment, Picking Up Right ICO

How To Pick An ICO?

An ICO or Initial Coin Offering refers to the process followed by new cryptocurrency startups to raise funds for their projects by putting a part of their tokens on sale. While ICOs have grown a great deal in the recent years, many investors still find them an unreliable place to invest their hard earned money.

Whether you should invest in an ICO or not? Are ICO investments actually profitable? What are the best ICOs to invest in? If you are struggling with the same thoughts, you will find the answers here.

Most of us are familiar with the term “blockchain” only in the regard of bitcoin, which is arguably the first widely successful cryptocurrency. However, not many are familiar with the term ICO, which has only emerged in the recent years. You might be surprised to know that cryptocurrency startups have managed to raise millions of dollars by far from these Initial Coin Offerings.

It confirms one thing – that there is really something special about this ICO thing, but it still doesn’t confirm anything about the profits on ICO returns. Continue reading to find out various benefits and disadvantages of ICO investments.

How An ICO Works?

ICO Process

ICOs are what you choose when you have to raise funds quickly and have a project with a super concept. Yes, that’s exactly what you need for your ICO to be successful. Investors are smart and will not invest money in your project unless they completely trust it to be safe and futuristic.

One of the best things about an ICO is that it is completely unregulated and independent of any authority. So, you do not have to ask permissions from any government office or pay an official to get your project passed.

However, this also creates a security concern and makes ICO a somewhat risky investment. But in fact, it is not. So, this is how an ICO usually works.

Project announcement: The startup company or developers will announce their idea and intention to develop a project on that idea in order to create an interest in the market.

White paper release: The second step is usually the launch of a white paper outlining the various aspects of the project including its features, revenue model, applications, etc.

Project backing: This is an optional yet recommended step where the company tries to find supporters for the project based on the information given in the white paper.

Token creation and launch: An ICO project must always be accompanied by a dedicated token. In this stage, the company launches its own token to be purchased in exchange for BTC or ETH or dollars.

ICO launch: The ICO sale of the tokens is held in a single or multiple phases, normally on the official website of the company.

Why invest in ICOs?

ICOs are known to have raised more investments than any traditional Venture Capital in a shorter period of time. While some ICOs have successfully managed to raise millions of dollars for their projects, most other ICOs failed badly.

The success of an ICO depends on many things. But that is a topic for later. Today, we will discuss the reasons why (or why not) should you consider investing in an ICO.

Gives opportunities to small investors: ICOs are benefits for small and big investors alike, however, small investors benefit more in terms of easy opportunities. They can invest any amount of fund in ICOs without having to worry about the minimum cap as most ICOs allow you to invest any amount.

ICOs are paperless: If you are tired of going through unnecessary paperwork involved with traditional investment schemes, ICO is the right place for you. ICOs are completely digital and literally free of any kind of paperwork. Since they are unregulated, there is not any legal formality involved.

Early access to new tokens with great potential value: Most of the ICOs give their potential investors an opportunity to participate in the pre-ICO and ICO sales and purchase tokens at the lower rate than the standard market value. This is especially beneficial when the token you are investing in actually has the potential to become valuable over the time.

Invest in the future: Depending on which ICO you are investing in, it is safe to imagine that your money is going towards the future. This is why it is important to make sure that the crypto project is based on a futuristic concept and employs a strong technology.

How to be careful while investing in an ICO?

The unregulated nature of crypto projects makes it difficult to realize which ICOs are ideal for investment. Here are a few tips that can help you that how to pick an right ico?

  • The white paper should clearly define the project idea and purpose.
  • It should provide a definite solution to an obvious problem.
  • The developers (and the project team) must consist of known people.
  • The company should define a legal agreement including terms and conditions for the contributors.
  • The ICO must utilize smart contracts.
  • Make sure that there is an escrow wallet for ICO funds which cannot be accessed by any single party.

Keep your eyes and mind open and invest in a good ICO. ICO investments are not at all bad, you just need to be more careful as the chances of fraud are higher here.

GlobaliPay is a blockchain based digital payment solution that provides an affordable and secure platform to perform financial transactions from one place to another. Invest in GlobaliPay ICO now!

Top 7 Benefits Of Investing In ICO In 2018

Benefits Of Investing In ICO

An ICO is an uncontrolled way to increase the funds for a new cryptocurrency startup which will be resulting great benefits of investing in ICO.  In the process, the percentage of the cryptocurrency is available on offer to initial supporters in terms of transfer of cryptocurrencies or legal tender.

Before offering ICO, the company releases a white paper mentioning about the project, objective, money required to undertake, type of money accepted, time duration of ICO campaign, virtual token kept with them, and objectives to be furnished by the project when it completes.

If you are not interested in Investing but Want to Create your own ICO solution, Here you go.

These coins are called tokens which are just similar to a company’s shares to investors in regards to IPO transactions. If the collected money from the ICO is not sufficient to meet minimum money requirement, the money is transferred back to the investors and it is considered that the ICO was unsuccessful.

If the collected funds meet the requirement in a mentioned time frame, the fund is utilized to complete the scheme or to launch new schemes.

Investors are encouraged to invest in the IPO so that the planning can proceed further and investors get a higher value for the coin as compared to the price at which they purchased it.  While IPOs have investors, ICOs have supporters who are interested in funding and motivated to get a good return on the investment.

Advantages Of Investing In ICO 

The first ICO was started in July 2014 by Ethereal. Even though it was the first time, the ICO collected 18M supporters to launch and then it was established.

ico market analysis

image source: Google

People were attracted towards this new type of digital currency and wanted to test their luck with the new technology. In the starting, the project was defined in white papers by a developer who already had an experience in bitcoin.

As the first ICO was successful and inspirational, the other developers got attracted towards more of ICO launches. Consequently, more ICOs were launched after that year and many more are in the line as well.

Currently, Globalipay has started the pre-sale of its tokens, while the main ICO will release from 30 June 2018. Here are the benefits of investing in ICO.

1. No Boundaries

ICO is generally launched for international markets. A token sale gets attraction and opens for business across the world than the equities as their scope are not that wide. The international base increases chances to grow 20-25 times more in the given buyer range.

2. Decentralised System

The token introduction can be initiated in any country of the world. The decentralized system makes no involvement of the central government and banks and it creates further individuality. The investors likewise get more benefits than the traditional banking.

3. A New Business Model

The ICO launch model renders a technically practical solution for tech companies where initial users get an equal portion of the wealth and the company gets the success.

4. ICO Mechanism Advantage

The ICO mechanism is built with many useful features. ICO coins can be consolidated or subdivided. Coins are easy to trade for selling and buying at cryptocurrency exchanges.

5. Early Coin Purchase Matters

Funds under ICO are transparent and verified as well provide clarification about where the ICO funds will be spent. In the starting phase of the ICO companies, the early supporters have more liquidity and high chances of the rapid capital growth.

6. Best Investment Returns

For the investors who are looking forward to investing in new ICO, this is a good choice to get early and fast benefits. As the supporters increase, the fund raises respectively and so the investment as well.

7. High ROI

For the supporters who invest in ICO, the chances are quite high to get the success as the ROI stands high for the relevant investment.

With the successful track record of ICO transactions, it is also considered as a disruptive innovative tool of this generation.

As all the ICO or crowdsale campaigns are not genuine, the investors need to tread with cautions. As these firms are not controlled by some authoritative financial ruler such as SEC, the chances to lose the funds are high as well as the fraudulent initiatives are not trackable.

So before investing in a fund-raising operative, it is advisable to research well about it before buying it unknowingly. If you are attracted to ICO and want to invest in it, the Globalipay is available as an ICO-presale starting from 20 May 2018.