GlobaliPay: Blockchain based smart digital payment system

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is it?

An ICO is a sale of tokens by a cryptocurrency startup with the purpose to raise funds to develop the project and the platform. An ICO usually has a pre-fixed number of tokens that will be sold during the sale.

Why invest?

Investment in GlobaliPay ICO is profitable for many reasons. The demand for GIP token will surge its price in the market causing a huge return for investors. Also, the token can be used for a number of applications in a range of industries.

When to Invest?

The ideal time to invest in the GlobaliPay ICO is during the pre-sale which is held in May-June 2018. You can also invest in the public ICO to get special exclusive token price along with added bonus advantage.

Value of the Coin

The initial value of the GIP coin is set by the company. However, the coin will increase in value as soon as it is launched on the exchange. Then, it will have a lot more market value than the initial investment.

Use of GIP Coins

GIP token will have a range of applications. The token can be used on the GlobaliPay platform for sharing, payments and other transactions. It can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies or sold in exchange for fiat currency on the global exchange.

GlobaliPay ICO

The pre-ICO and ICO of GlobaliPay are scheduled from May to August 2018, in two phases. The sales will be held on the official website The token price and bonus information are given below:

Key ICO Information

  • Pre ICO: May-June 2018
  • Public ICO: June 30 to August 31, 2018
  • Accepted Tokens: BTC, ETH
  • ICO Token Supply: 378 million
  • Price (ICO): 1 GIP Token = $0.0500
  • Bonus: 10%


The existing digital payment methods are too costly and time-consuming. GlobaliPay intends to develop a digital payment system that is globally accessible and can perform quick and low-cost transactions securely.


GlobaliPay is a blockchain-powered global payment platform that allows secure, contractual transactions of currencies and digital assets to anyone and anywhere in the world.

Initial Coin Offering

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