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About Global I'Net Payment Solutions

Global I’Net Payment solution is powered by ERC20 standard smart contracts based tokens of the Ethereum Blockchain. The ERC20 GIP coin is the true digital currency which is miles ahead of FIAT currencies based payment solutions. The dtecentralized GIP coin and its Global Wallet provides for an immutable, secure, corruption and tamper-free payment network across the globe. GLOBAL I’NET PAYMENT Solutions ensure the privacy of sender and receiver. Proof of Stake verification process makes GLOBAL I’NET PAYMENT Solutions free of excessive mining and monopolization.

What’s on Offer?

yes Decentralised App

GLOBAL I’NET PAYMENT app facilitates peer to peer and decentralized transactions as well as crypto-currency exchange. Regulators can be updated about the app activities but the privacy of individual user remains uncompromised.

yes GIP Wallet

A secured digital wallet protected by crypto keys/digital signatures that can be used for token transfers as well as crypto-exchange. Supports major cryptocurrencies. Robust payment solution for individuals and businesses alike.

yes GIP Token

The GIP token is the lifeline of the GLOBAL I’NET PAYMENT Solutions. The GIP Token that meets the ERC20 standard make for hassle-free transactional operations and queries like the balance of tokens at a certain address, approving the transfer of token, transferring tokens and the total supply of tokens.




GlobaliPay makes use of the ERC20 standard usage tokens of the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike, Bitcoin Ethereum is a currency as well as an environment that ensures easy scalability with minimum computing. No Monopolization and free of attacks. Minimum transactional costs with Controlled mining. No authorization required for payments. GIP wallet is based on a “push” model, rather than the traditional “authorize and pull” model.



Bitcoin, the world’s first digital currency, encourages cryptographic puzzle solving or mining as proof of work to validate transactions. POW verifications are slow (minimum 10 minutes). Mining becomes difficult with time. Bitcoin suffers from monopolization and mining oligarchs. Corrupt central intermediaries prone to hacking attacks.

Objective of GlobaliPay

To make GIP coin and other cryptocurrencies the accepted standard in online transactions. To use the scalability and security of the Ethereum based ERC20 standard blockchain in developing a robust and secure payment network which is not crippled by monopolizing miners and hackers. To develop a true digital currency based payment system that would facilitate seamless money transfer with minimum transactional fees. In addition to this provide services like online shopping, online payments of goods and services, online recharge and bill payments.

With its ICO, GIP aims to be the flag bearer for digital payments powered by its very own crypto token. GIP tokens would be universally accepted and deliver real-time digital transaction and exchange services.

GIP payment solution wishes to eliminate traditional intermediaries who seem to have hijacked the present landscape of digital payments. The traditional Fiat currency model of online payment still outshines the more e payment solution powered by blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum contracts are scalable and secure. GIP implements a peer-to-peer network through which you can transfer funds directly to the receiver without having to pay a mediator.



Secured User Data

The ERC20 smart contracts ensure user data security. The individuals involved in the option contract are anonymous. However, the contract becomes part of the public ledger.


Most Credibility

The Ethereum ecosystem imparts unmatched credibility to the GIP ICO. Any canceled transaction due to system failure or any other technical glitch is immediately refunded. Everyone involved in the contract is accountable for their actions.



The Ethereum ecosystem means that contracts can be defined and implemented as per the standards and conditions of the individuals involved. Contracts can be coded as per individuals the desired response to triggering events like expiration date, stock price hit etc. Contracts are incentivized.


Easy To Use

GlobaliPay solutions are user-friendly and provide IFTTT logic driven transaction solutions. GlobaliPay token and wallet would interact with various wallets, exchanges, and smart contracts


Instant Payment/Fund Transfer

The platform has been designed to ensure fast and reliable payments. The money is transferred instantly after authorizing the payment, irrespective of the location or distance.



The service can be used by any consumer or merchant for performing banking and other financial transactions, including the transfer of money, payment for services, sending money to bank accounts, etc.

Our Target Markets

yes The Common Citizen

For ages, our finance has been in the hands of few. GIP is a perfect option for those global citizens who trust in the decentralized nature of digital currency distribution and building a system that stands on the pillars of trust and distributed ledgers.

yes The Traders

Traders/business owners are regularly subjected to additional charges on transactions as well as at times duped of millions at the pretext of a great business opportunity. The GIP is a perfect remedy for such issues. Peer to Peer distributed nature of GIP token ensures almost zero transaction fee and instant red flag for scamsters.

yes Investors

The GIP app, as well as the wallet, can be used as cold storage for securing your previously owned cryptocurrencies. The GIP wallet will have multiple signature keys for dormant long-term investors.


yes Low Development Cost

GIP app and wallet are based on the ethereum ERC20 standard for transaction focussed solutions. The mandatory functions are open source and hence attract low development cost.

yes Low Maintenance Cost

Unlike Bitcoin, Mining in Ethereum is minimal as it deploys proof of stake or hybrid model for validating future transactions. This means that Ethereum blockchain is free of the high power cost associated with token mining in case of currencies like Bitcoin.

yes Higher security

Ethereum Blockchain is incentivized which means unprocessed or failed transactions are instantly refunded. Also, the smart contracts ensure complete user privacy.




The application is usable in a wide range of areas and for every purpose that involves sending/receiving money or making a transfer of funds. It can be used by companies, enterprises, consumers, shopkeepers, online merchants and more.



Flexibility is a standout feature of our platform. Rest Assured and transfer any amount from anyplace and anytime. With our platform, there is no capping on the number of transactions you can make.



Each and every transaction performed through our system is recorded in a separate ledger on the blockchain and ledger copies in each node are also immediately updated. Users can instantly check transaction history.


Safe And Secure

Ethereum Blockchain prides on its efficiency and optimization. The ethereum network is known for its security as transactions are instantly validated. The Ethereum Smart Contracts enable on the go ledger maintenance across all nodes in the network.



Blockchain Ledgers are based on trust. Trust is built on reputation and our system is backed by a reputed company with clients and investors all over the world. We have provisions to provide immediate refunds for transaction failures.


In the digital age, we provide a truly digital transaction platform backed by GIP Token. The GIP Platform is ideal for consumers or merchants for making unregulated banking and other financial transactions. We charge a minimal transactional fee for banking and digital payments.

We at GLOBAL I’NET PAYMENT Solutions have great faith in the power of Blockchain technology. We offer hassle-free and seamless transactional services which include: Money Transfers, Bill Payments, Deposits in Bank Accounts, Account to Account transfer

How GIP Token Works?

GIP Token is a modern day digital value powered by cryptography and blockchain technology. Cryptography ensures that the GIP Token can be securely created, distributed as well as verified. Blockchain is used to main a decentralised distributed ledger or public database of transactions. Users can perform transactions using the GIP digital Wallet. Here's how the GIP token transaction works:

Request Creation

The sender or receiver initiates a transaction. Initiation is done by pressing a simple push button on the GIP Platform/app.

Request Transfer

The transaction request is sent to the P2P blockchain network consisting of multiple nodes (computers)


Transactions are validated by predefined algorithms. Broadcast of transfer request reaches each node in the network for verification.

Ledger Creation

Post verification, the transaction is converted into a block of data that contains information about the sender, receiver and transaction details.

Block addition

The new transaction block is added to the blockchain as a permanent part of it.

Transfer completion:

The transaction is completed as the transfer is made.


Potential partners and investors are invited to join the league by investing in a futuristic cryptocurrency - GIP. Out potential partners include financial institutions, banks, merchants, retail chain shop owners and all other investors globally who may interested in using a secure API ecosystem enabled with Smart FinTech for the growth of their own businesses.

The Global iPay partnership program is very easy to join. You can contact us for more details or just read the whitepaper as all the information is available there. Once you are ready, you can start by participating in the pre-ICO sale which will be held in May 2018. A special discount will be offered to our partners who buy tokens in the pre-ICO sale.


The Timeline

A great idea requires proper planning and implementation to bear fruitful outcomes. Below we clearly lay out the precise roadmap for our potential GIP investors, contributors, and token buyers.


GLOBALiPAY aims to be the benchmark for the digital transaction of assets and values on the Ethereum blockchain Network. Drawing prowess from the robust and secure ERC20 standard ethereum token, the GIP token will provide a comprehensive global digital payment solution free of intermediaries and regulations. GLOBALiPAY vision is to empower 21st Century Global Citizens a free and frictionless digital network for transactions that would set the precedent for others to follow.

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Specification & Token Summary

On 30 April 2018 at midnight this new GIP coin cryptocurrency will be launched. Its motive is to empower the user with the advanced and more stable new currency. You can get your hands on it on specific pre-sales at a discounted rate.

Total Token/Coin: 2.1b

Pre ICO sale: 15% (price $ 0.0300)

ICO sale: 18% ($ 0.0500)

Bonus program: 10%

Established and promotion: 7%

Public market: 35% (starting $ 0.1000)

For company: 10%

Social works 5%

Minimum Purchase of GIP Token $100.00

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